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Silver-Filled Byzantine Bracelet

Silver-Filled Byzantine Bracelet

  • $93.00

This silver-filled bracelet is made using the Byzantine Weave, sometimes called Idiot's Delight. This weave is often one of the first weaves that I teach to my beginning chainmaille students.

I begin with 16g silver-filled Wire which is hand-coiled and then cut into individual Jump-rings. The rings are then woven together to create the pattern you see. It is finished with a hand-made S-Hook style clasp, then tumbled with Stainless Steel Shot to give it its brilliant shine.

Custom sizing is available.
The piece is Available in both a Bright and Antiqued Finish.

Our Silver-Filled Wire has a layer of .925 (or better) Sterling Silver that has been mechanically bonded with heat and tremendous pressure to a brass core. This Silver Filled Round Wire is 10% (1/10) .925 Sterling Silver by weight. The layer of Sterling Silver is hundreds of times thicker than silver plating.

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