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Ocean Wave Byzantine Bracelet in Silver-Filled with Aventurine

  • $110.00

This silver-filled bracelet is made using the Byzantine Weave, sometimes called Idiot's Delight. This weave is often one of the first weaves that I teach to my beginning chainmaille students. 

I begin with 16g silver-filled Wire which is hand-coiled and then cut into individual Jump-rings. The rings are then woven together to create the pattern you see. It is finished with a hand-made S-Hook style clas. After the core chain is constructed, Aventurine beads in two shades are woven through the bracelet on silver-plated beading wire, creating a green wave effect.. Finally the piece is, then tumbled with Stainless Steel Shot to give it its brilliant shine.

This piece is made in size 7.75". Because of the way the beads are strung, the size cannot be adjusted on this piece. However, custom orders can be made in any size and with the stone of your choice.

Our Silver-Filled Wire has a layer of .925 (or better) Sterling Silver that has been mechanically bonded with heat and tremendous pressure to a brass core. This Silver Filled Round Wire is 10% (1/10) .925 Sterling Silver by weight. The layer of Sterling Silver is hundreds of times thicker than silver plating and is much more durable than silver plate.

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