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Forged Copper Cuff Bracelet (Ball Texture)

  • $15.00

This is a Handmade Cold-Forged Copper Cuff Bracelet. It is made from 4 gauge copper bar, which is then flattened, annealed, and cold-forged for it's hammered texture. The bar is then forged into it's final cuff form. The finished cuff is then tumble-burnished to give it a brilliant shine.

This bracelet is not coated in any way, so the copper will develop a natural patina over time. However, if you would prefer I can antique the metal for you at no additional cost.

Small fits approximately 6 inches
Medium fits approximately 7 inches
Large fits approximately 8 inches.

The sizes are somewhat adjustable, up or down about half an inch.

This is a Caminus Vulcani original Design.

The cuff pictured will not necessarily be the one that you will receive, but it will be the same design. It can also be ordered in different sizes and multiple quantities. 

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