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Argentium Sterling Byzantine Earrings

Argentium Sterling Byzantine Earrings

  • $33.00

These Sterling Silver earrings are made using the Byzantine Weave, sometimes called Idiot's Delight. This weave is often one of the first weaves that I teach to my beginning chainmaille students.

I begin with 16g Sterling Silver Wire which is hand-coiled and then cut into individual Jump-rings. The rings are then woven together to create the pattern you see. It is finished with a hand-made Argentium Sterling ear wire, then tumbled with Stainless Steel Shot to give it it's brilliant shine.

Argentium Sterling is an alloy of silver that replaces some of the copper of traditional Sterling with germanium. This change makes Argentium much more tarnish resistant than traditional Sterling, and also makes it more malleable yet more durable. This makes it a far superior material for many jewelry making applications, especially chainmaille. Argentium does cost a little more than regular sterling but it is such a small extra cost to pay for a much superior product.